Ethiopia : Coffee of the week - the Ethiopian Duromina! Orchards, sunshine, the warm breeze... all these memories will flood back as you savour the Ethiopian Duromina. Your first taste will be of a sweet, juicy peach, with notes of black tea right behind. Taste of summer right there. You might want to swing on your porch after a cup of this one.


Ecuador : Coffee of the week - the Ecuador Piedra Encantada! This is a floral bouquet on the nose, with notes of jasmine, dried apricot, and cinnamon. According to local legend, the Piedra Encantada (Enchanted Stone) struck fear in the hearts of anyone who stumbled upon it. Imbued with an incredible power to grant wishes, it also blocked the path to protect a dark part of the city reserved for lovers’ trysts. Only a few cups left, don't miss out. Available at the East Van brew bar!


Peru : The Peruvian Churupampa, our single origin blend from Stumptown – with notes of blackberry, cozy clove and rich dark chocolate. Available in Kits only. Try it for your pourover or to take home!


Introducing our new single origin : Costa Rica Montes De Oro: A warming and lovely cup with a nutmeg-clove finish. Think spiced apple cider and afternoon hygge. Pairs nicely with pie.


Coffee of the week Special (26th June -2nd July): Black + Tonic: May just be the coolest way to drink espresso on a hot day. But it's also refreshing to know that we are giving you 20% off, all week.


Wednesday Specials: 2 for 1 Americano - take out a friend for a coffee date and enjoy this golden liquid. All day at both locations :)


Coffee of the week Special (6th -12th June): Black + Tonic: we introduced this fabulous cold brew drink last summer and it still has a growing fan base! Have you tried this brilliant coupling already? Nope? This week it is 20% off! Just because we love you!


Wednesday Special: Turkey sandwich with house blend coffee :)


Great News Guys! We are introducing coffee of the week specials.

Every Monday we will introduce different specials with 20% off discounts, in both locations. This is a great opportunity to taste the coffee you haven't tried before or just indulge yourself in your favourite style of coffee.

This week 30th-5th June we offer Nitro Cold Brew - the wildest cold brew coffee on the market! If you ever wonder how the coffee infused with nitrogen tastes like, go ahead and order this baby! Rich, velvety with tiny bubbles.


Goodbye party for Maddie and Tim, we got a little crazy ;)


Note from our lovely customers:

'To Andrew, Tiffany, Jazza, Tom, Josh, Flick and the rest of Platform 7 staff that we have not officially met yet...

This letter is to express our appreciation of the top notch coffee and food served. More importantly after a discussion with Jean-Micheal, we both absolutely agreed on th amazing service from all staff. You guys&Gals make Platform 7 a fun, sociable, uplifting and warm place to gt out work and studying completed.

The music is awesome. The vibe is hip and it is hop :)

The energy is incredibly well balanced so hank you. to upper management for sharing your beautiful vision.

Patrikus Maximus
Jean-Michel Pellerin :)
Love +Peace+Health
Kangen Earth Movement'


Hop on the cold brew train! (drawing by Carole Mathys)

New cold brew delights at Platform 7!

Vegan? Delight Alert! Especially for you in P7!

You don't do dairy. Say no more. Stumptown mixed our life-affirming Cold Brew with the finest coconut cream from Sumatra, Indonesia for a dairy-free, vegan game changer. Coconut Cold Brew is made with three natural ingredients so separation is bound to happen. For a good time, shake it like you mean it.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a pop!

Our cascading and creamy Nitro Cold Brew is now available in a pop top. Pour it like you mean it into a glass or drink it straight from the source.

cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings
May the 4th be with you ;)

New on the brew bar:



One of our all-time favorites for its organic, earthy and lush profile... we are excited to offer Bies Penantan from Indonesia!

Indonesia - Bies Penantan
Taste Profile: From a women-lead cooperative comes this Organic Indonesian coffee, fabulously unique in its Sumatra roots.


An absolute stunner. This sweet and creamy coffee is new to us this year and is wowing us with every cup.

Columbia - El Nevado
Taste Profile: Honeydew, Pineapple and Cola. We overheard someone from our coffee team describe this one like a “pancake breakfast,” warm and buttery with maple syrup sweetness. Quickly becoming a staff favorite.


Planning any cool event, special celebration, birthdayparty and need to rent a space? Drop us an email: info@platform7coffee.com for info and details.


New Tip Battle drawing by our crazy amazing barista Carole


Fresh on the brew bar:


Guatemala Candelaria

An approachable, all-day, everyday coffee. A classic example of a great Antiguan coffee.

Plum, chocolate and blood orange.

A fresh crop coffee with heavy notes of molasses, crisp citrus and filled out with the sweetness of milk chocolate.

Columbia el Jordan

A classic example of a great Colombian coffee. Big, layered, and balanced. Easy drinking, all day long.

Tangerine, cinnamon and honey.

Notes of honey, vanilla, citrus and apple set the bar for this idyllic Colombian coffee.


Hey Spring! We've missed you!

Did you know spring is just Nature having it's morning brew!? ;P


Sometimes customers wonder how it is to walk in our shoes, or in this case how it is to wear our hats ;P

Happy customer - Dr Seth - a new conductor for a day at Platform 7 CoffeeKits!


Today we are pouring coffee, making latte art and playing tribute to ‘Thin White Duke’… It’s a sad day but ‘Let's dance put on your red shoes and dance the blues’


We wish you a Year as complex yet delicate, elaborate and wonderful; full of strong flavours and as cool as the cup of Stumptown Coffee Roasters brewed with siphon coffee! With love P7


Warmest thoughts and best wishes for wonderful holidays! We wish you a good cup of aromatic coffee every morning, beautiful people around, a healthy distance to life together with deep mindful breath in stressful times... Sending lots of hopeful love and Let's celebrate! P7


Platform 7 in Kits is very proud to present on its Brew Bar a selection from Stumptown of the finest single origin coffees from the world's best destinations!


Costa Rica

From the third-generation Torres Family comes this rare Villalobos variety giving a cup that is flush, creamy, sweet ... superb.

Costa Rica - Torre Villalobos
Taste Profile: A gorgeous yet complex cup with juicy citrus, brown sugar, and cream soda.
Elevation: 1550 Meters


From one of wild coffee's original birthplaces - comes this wonderful Ethiopian Mordecofe.

Ethiopia - Mordecofe
Taste Profile: This Direct Trade and Organic Ethiopian Heirloom provides an incredibly clean and dynamic cup, with floral lemon, hops, and a warm vanilla black tea finish.
Elevation: 1700-1900 Meters


Luis Pedro Zelaya is a fourth-generation coffee producer, and thanks to rich volacanic soil, altitude and a tradition of dedication and exellence, we offer this stunning Guatemalan Bella Vista.

Guatemala - Bella Vista
Taste Profile: Chocolate, caramel, and honey sweetness are brightened by a warm orange finish.
Elevation: 1500 Meters


One of our all-time favorites for its organic, earthy and lush profile... we are excited to offer Bies Penantan from Indonesia!

Indonesia - Bies Penantan
Taste Profile: From a women-lead cooperative comes this Organic Indonesian coffee, fabulously unique in its Sumatra roots. A cup with dark chocolate, clove, and mint.
Elevation: 1200 - 1600 Meters


Our second location is OPEN!
Broadway and Vine!

Come and experience with us PLATFORM'S 7 'joie de vivre', check out the new design, inspired by a Belle Époque Paris train station, taste the exquisite roasts that Stumptown has brought to coffee culture!


This girl is on a roll! 3rd place in Latte Art Championship in ‪Portland at Coffee Fest

Congratulations Kunie!


Our talented barista Kunie has showed her awesome latte art skills and placed 4th in First official Canadian Latte Art Championships! So proud of you Kunie!

'It was completely different from coffee fest one. More constant skill, more creativity, more accuracy, more cleanliness, and more total human skill as the BARISTA were needed. Definitely good experience and gave me more vision to improve myself:)'


Thank you to our great Clients again, staff members, partners, family and friends.

We’ re celebrating this week the completion of our Second year in East Van. We built a lot of great relationships, and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further. Thanks for helping to make Platform 7 Coffee to its Third Year!

The past to years has been an endeavour and we are beyond grateful.

We would like to take this opportunity to remember those awesome moments; fun times and good people that have helped our cafe grow.


Success isn’t just given to everyone who wishes for it, so we know just how fortunate we are to be able to celebrate our 2-Year Anniversary this week. We owe a debt of gratitude to a lot of people. Those folks include but are not limited to: friends, family, clients, collaborators and last but not least – our benevolent souls/well wishers who’ve put so much into our company.

These folks aren’t just a blip or a faint memory that crosses the mind every once in a while, but rather, they are people we think about on a daily basis when brewing coffees, creating latte arts and working on our second location. So, thank you and know you’ve impacted us in ways we can’t even begin to explain. With Love P7


Our beloved Nano Challa from Ethiopia is back on the Brew Bar @ Platform 7!
Soft and subtle with lovely aromas and creamy textures...Nano Challa

Nano Challa

Taste Profile:
This delicate, subtle cup has the brightness of tangerine and jasmine with a soft, sweet peach-tea finish.
1900 - 2200 metres

A brand new addition to Platform 7 - an amazing coffee from Mexico!!
The Mexican La Sierra Mixteca begins with a sweet cola acidity, then soft, stewed fruits and a lingering dark chocolate finish.

La Sierra Mixteca

Taste Profile:
This rich, classic cup is all about impeccable sweetness with a buttery body.
1100 - 1600 metres


Seriously Refreshing!! Black & Tonic.
Britain's Fever Tree Tonic, gently poured over ice and topped with Stumptown espresso.



The wait is finally over!!!
The ultra creamy, rich, delicious Stumptown Cold Brew with Chocolate Milk at Platform 7.



A beautiful new coffee from Costa Rica has arrived at Platform 7's Brew Bar!
From the Tarrazú area of Costa Rica...
Stumptown's Costa Rica Santa Rosa

Costa Rica
Santa Rosa

Taste Profile:
Huge, juicy flavors of blackberry and plum hit deep and then linger in a creamy finish.
1930 metres


Two new exciting coffees to Platform 7's Brew Bar!
From Bolivia...
Stumptown's Bolivia Buenavista


Taste Profile:
Bartlett Pear, Marzipan, Floral
1400 - 1830 metres

From East Africa...
Stumptown's Duromina Another of our fav's returns to the Platform!


Taste Profile:
Candied Orange, Hops, Peach
1900 - 2200 metres


Two new exciting coffees to Platform 7's Brew Bar!
From Indonesia...
Stumptown's Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco Toraja.
This offering features a drying technique unique to the Toarco Company.

Sulawesi Toarco Toraja

Taste Profile:
Lemon, Hops, Vanilla
1400 - 1800 metres

From Central East Africa...
Stumptown's Rwanda Huye Mountain

Huye Mountain

Taste Profile:
Melon, Cocoa, Golden Raisin
1500 - 1800 metres


Two new exciting coffees to Platform 7's Brew Bar!
From exotic Peru...
Stumptown's Peru Churupampa


Taste Profile:
Lemon presides over a tart yet sweet cup with flavors of chocolate, grape and caramel.
1400 - 1550 metres

From East Africa...
Stumptown's Ethiopia Mordecofe


Taste Profile:
Peach, berry and grapefruit intensify a complex cup redolent of jasmine and bergamot.
1700 - 1900 metres


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas...
a gorgeous Holiday Season...
and peace, love and contentment in 2015!

From all of us at Platform 7


Platform 7’s Christmas Drink Menu!

Come in and enjoy Platform 7's delicious Christmas Drinks for this very special time of year!!

Rumnog Latte Decadent, rich, creamy, eggnog latte with essence of Caribbean rum.
Spiced Apple Cider Hot, soothing & aromatic glass of spices, fruit & organic apple cider.
Eggnog Latte The Classic Christmas Season drink!!
Chili Hot Chocolate A hot kick to your winter season soul-warming hot chocolate.


New to Platform 7's Brew Bar!
Stumptown's Guatemala Concepcion Buenavista

La Concepcion Buenavista

Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
Green grape and citrus notes offset marzipan, brown sugar and semisweet chocolate in a balanced, fragrant and flora cup.
1650 - 1800 metres


Now being served at Platform 7’s Brew Bar!

Daily Soup & Sandwich Specials

See our menu section for more info.


“Platform 7 Coffee Brew Bar’s 1st Birthday Cocktail Party!!!”

October 2nd, 7-10pm at Platform 7.
Space is limited so please RVSP to info@platform7coffee.


Join us in Platform 7 and celebrate Japan’s National Coffee Day and the exquisite glassware of Hario! (photo below)

Featuring Japanese Siphon Coffees and Japanese Coffee Jelly Desserts.

Also featuring brewing with Hario and presenting a Japanese Iced Coffee recipe inspired by 2014 World Barista Champion, Hidenori Izaki of Japan. We will also be brewing with Aeropress and using a recipe inspired by the 2013 Japanese Aeropress Champion, Shinya Okabe.


Back to Platform 7's Brew Bar!
Stumptown's Guatemala Finca El Injerto - Bourbon

Finca El Injerto - Bourbon

Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
Platform 7 is stoked to have one of our all-time favourite's back on our SO Menu. Plum, dark chocolate, orange, and grapefruit notes complement this buttery, structured cup supported by honey and brown sugar sweetness. Sip and luxuriate!
1500 - 1900 metres


New to Platform 7’s Brew Bar!
Three new additions to our coffee menu:

Santa Clara

Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
Platform 7 is excited about the new arrival of Santa Clara on our single origin menu with another coffee from the prolific coffee-producing Zelaya family in the famous Antigua region. Clove, cocoa, honey and butter unite and balance the crisp flavors of apple, raspberry and tangerine in this wonderful cup.
1550 - 1800 metres

Costa Rica
Montes de Oro

Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
From the mountains of San Pablo de Leon Cortes, Tarrazu, comes this rich cup of coffee from Montes de Oro by the Gamboa-Chacon family. A lavender bouquet transforms into flavours of Rainer cherry, cranberry, cider, lemon and chocolate with characteristics of honey in this cup.
1620 - 1750 metres

Bies Penantan

Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
Platform 7 is very proud to offer this delicious single origin from a women-led cooperative in the village of Bies Penantan, Indonesia. Clove, fernet and white pepper accents expand into a foundation of creamy cola and prune sweetened by brown sugar in this deeply rich cup.
1200 - 1600 metres


Guys....are you wishing for a fresh, colourful and power-packed breakfast and/or lunch, but are too busy to prepare it yourself? Well...we will have it for you at Platform 7.

Together in collaboration with JillyV’s, we are introducing breakfast jars ‘Jumpstarters’ and salad jars!

This Saturday (21.06) at 8am and later at noon tomorrow, Jillian from JillyV’s will offer you a sample of delicious lemon, apple and strawberry breakfast Jumpstarters and Salads. She will share the story of why she created this idea of a meal in which every calorie packs a nutritious punch.

Come and try for yourself :-)


“Platform 7’s Cold Brew Express is pulling into the station June 14th!!”

Visit Platform 7 and enjoy the new Nitro Cold Brew from Stumptown. It’s a Guinness-looking cold brew that tastes absolutely fabulous!!! Kegs of Stumptown Cold Brew are being tapped...

Vials of in-house P7 are being poured...

cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings cold brew east hastings

Platform 7 invites you to come and taste our delicious new summer drinks!

The Affogato is a SUPER delicious sinful treat...a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream with espresso drizzled over it and served in a chilled martini glass!!

ESPRESSO BAR - Coffee Espresso Iced Drinks
Iced Americano $3.00
Iced Latte $4.00
Iced Mocha $4.50
BREW BAR - Coffee Iced Pour Overs
Ethiopia $4.50
Guatemala $4.50
Indonesia $4.50
Colombia $4.50
Martini Style
Ethiopia - shaken with pineapple $4.50
Indonesia - shaken with blackberries $4.50
Shakerato - shaken with espresso $3.50
BREW BAR - Tea Iced Pour Overs
Strawberry Mint $3.50
Green Mystique $3.50
Active Blend $3.50
Vanilla Bourbon Rooibos $3.50
Cream of Earl Grey $3.50
Affogato - ice cream & espresso $3.75
Iced Milk Chocolate - with ice cream $4.50
Iced Chai - with ice cream $4.50

New to Platform 7’s Brew Bar!
Stumptown's Guatemala Candelaria


Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
From producer Luis Pedro Zelaya Sr: Candelaria presents a juicy cup brimming with flavors of melon, orange, cranberry and dried cherry sweetened by cocoa.
1200 - 1500 metres


New to Platform 7’s Brew Bar!
Come in and enjoy an exotic new SO coffee from Peru. This lot is from the Central Agricultural Cooperative of the Valleys of Sandia (CECOVASA).


Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
This gorgeous South American single origin features notes of cocoa and toasted macadamia with a splash of citrus.
1200– 1850 metres


NEW! Extended Spring hours @ Platform 7:
To celebrate the Solstice, beginning on Thursday March 20th, 2014, Platform will be open 8am - 7 pm.
Come and celebrate Spring with us.


Vancouver’s 10 Top Coffee Shops! Yay guess who's there among amazing cafes :)))
'As you step inside this East Hastings cafe, the exposed iron rafters, large glass window panes and Renaissance-era timepiece will make you feel like you’ve just been transported onto a Victorian London train station platform—without the bustle of England’s busy railways. The quiet atmosphere makes an intimate setting for periodic acoustic shows featuring local musicians. Serving Portland’s famous Stumptown Coffee as their flagship roast, the baristas pay careful attention to each espresso-based drink, pour-over, syphon and tasting flight. Vancouver 10 top cofeeshops...


New to Platform 7’s Brew Bar!
Come in and enjoy a gorgeous new coffee from Ethiopia. The Cooperative is located in the highlands of the Goma District in the Oromia Region of Western Ethiopia.


Direct Trade
Taste Profile:
Bursting with juicy pineapple, peach, lime juice, strawberry, apricot and dried apple with an underlying hint of black tea.
1900 – 2200 metres


Meet Stumptown Coffee Roasters @Platform 7 at 1pm, Tuesday January 7th.
Talk coffee and brew techniques with the trainers from Stumptown. Discover Stumptown’s wonderful single origins & blends from around the world.
Complimentary Cortado’s served from 3-4pm.


On the 27th November we participated in fabulous Tasting Plates – East Village edition organized by Vancouver Foodster in East Village. We were enchanted by our lovely guests, who made this night amazing. Have a look

tasting coffee tasting coffee tasting coffee tasting coffee tasting coffee tasting coffee tasting coffee tasting coffee