Cold Brew on tap

Original $4.75 Iced Tea pour over $3.75-$6
Nitro $5.00 Smoothies $4.00-$6
Single origin $5.25 Martini Stye $5.00
Iced pour over coffee $4.75-$6 Black & Tonic $4.75
Cold Brew Stubbies $5.00 Shakerato $3.75
Stumptown Milkshake $5.75 Iced Chai w Ice Cream $5.50
Kombucha $4.50

Brew Bar

Pour Over $4.75-$6.00 Cold Brew $5.00
French Press $4.75-$6.00 Martini Style $5.00
Siphon $5.25 Shakerato $3.75
Iced Coffee $4.75-$6.00 Tasting Flight $9.00

From our Brew Bar we present hand-crafted pour over coffee service. Specialty cold brew are prepared in-house and martini-style ice brew coffees are also offered.
Platform 7’s pour over coffee presentation and service evoke images of the ancient Japanese tea ceremony. Customer appeal of pour over service is that the technique “looks cool”, somewhere in between a science lab experiment and a retro-styled experience that can appeal to those looking for something new and different.
It does convey to our customers that they’re getting a cup of coffee that is hand-crafted, and a cup on which a barista actually focused their time and efforts, controlling all of the elements manually.

Espresso Bar

espresso $3.00 cappuccino $4.00 ristretto $3.00
latte $4.25 americano $3.25 mocha $4.50
caffe macchiato $3.50 hot chocolate $4.25 con panna $3.50
cortado $3.75 latte macchiato $4.15 chai latte $4.25
teas $2-$4.50 drip $2-3.00

We have selected a manual La Marzocco Strada, hand-built in Florence, Italy. The Strada is a machine designed for and by baristas, whose ground-breaking first-ever technology, pressure profiling allows the barista, for the first time, to have absolute and direct control of pressure at any point during extraction.
With the ability to control temperature and pressure along with pre-infusion, the barista can bring out the absolute best of each espresso blend for each and every cup!


Platform 7 offers a delectable selection of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and French-style baked goods and pastries baked locally by artisan bakeries. Try one of our scrumptious tailor-made sandwiches that are made in-house. We make our sandwiches daily using the finest ingredients and fresh daily-baked artisan breads.