Platform 7

Platform 7 Coffee Brew Bar provides a unique coffee culture experience. Platform 7 transforms you to a Victorian London Train Station to experience beautiful hand-crafted espresso and coffee brew bar drinks.

We selected Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland, as our flagship coffee roaster. Dialing in the perfect profile on our manual La Marzocco Strada, gives us the distinct pleasure in presenting the absolute best cup of coffee to our guests.

From a delectable selection of the finest locally-sourced artisan bakeries to our tailor-made sandwiches, the Platform 7 experience can take one on an exotic journey to taste exquisite coffees from around the world. Providing a guiding and careful hand, our staff take great pride in presenting and serving our guests with unique and enticing brew techniques.

Sinatra to the Stones, Miles to the Mamas & Papas, Woodstock to Wynton, Dorsey to the'll find an ever-changing and eclectic selection of music simmering from the sound system above.

Come and experience yourself...

Platform 7 @ Hastings & Nanaimo, East Van.

Platform 7 Kits

Platform 7 Coffee Brew Bar is launching its new location @ Broadway & Vine in Kits!!

Platform 7 will be introducing Stumptown Coffee Roasters to this area in Vancouver late September 2015. This exclusive launch will showcase the exquisite roasts that Stumptown has brought to coffee culture, featuring Hair Bender on the Espresso Bar, a fabulous menu of Single Origins for the Brew Bar and Cold Brew Nitro on the Cold Brew Bar.

Bringing together the staff's passionate love of coffee, caring customer connections and vibrant self-expression, a deep and eclectic music collection simmering over the sound system, locally-sourced artisan baked goods, delicious gourmet sandwiches made in-house...Platform 7's new design, inspired by a Belle Époque Paris train station...will have exciting new design features that will imbue a sensual, passionate and vibrant joie de vivre to 2300 West Broadway!

Come and experience yourself...

Platform 7 @ Broadway & Vine, Kits

Our Story

As a child growing up in an Italian family, a favorite time of the day was sitting around the kitchen table after dinner with dirty dishes put aside and cake and cookies and coffee spread on the table. This was the time we were a family. All the news of the day, the stories, the discussions, the plans, this was where it was all shared. Coffee time was when we were all together. Coffee time was the best time .

As an adult, working for many years in the financial sector, the office and boardroom was where the details were done and contracts signed. But the relationships and deals were always formed, hatched and agreed upon over a cup of coffee in the café.

In the course of any day, when the word is that it is now "coffee time", the weight of the world lifts from your shoulders and joy comes over your senses. The thought of that coffee frees you from the worry of the moment, and you can't wait to get that coffee in your hand. That cup of coffee is pure joy.

It was in this context that we set out to create a coffee space where all of one's senses are feeling something special is going on. Our intent was not to just offer a good cup of coffee, but rather to offer, what we call " a coffee experience".

For us at Platform 7, from our side of the bar, we like to think that perhaps, in that coffee cup we are handing you, we are serving " Joy ."